UF Symphony Orchestra Concert: Beck, Beethoven, and Brahms

Pianist Kevin Orr joins the orchestra to play Beethoven's Concierto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2.
Pianist Kevin Orr joins the symphony orchestra to play Beethoven’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2.

When I think of concerts, I imagine a big production on an arena stage or an intimate acoustic set by an artist. However, I was reminded of a different version last Thursday (Feb. 6) at the University Auditorium.

The last time I went to an orchestra concert was in elementary school. Back then, the performances were quite short, and the pieces were simple.

But when I went to the this one of  University of Florida’s Symphony Orchestra, I was surprised and amazed. The fact that all the notes and instruments harmoniously came together seemed magical to me.

During the Beethoven portion of the concert, the piano complemented the string instruments well. Although classical music is not exactly one of my favorite genres, I was able to appreciate it more hearing it played by fellow Gators.

Valerie Melina, UF French freshman, said she enjoyed the pianist because she plays piano as well so it was interesting for her to watch.

“Orchestra is about how peaceful and how pretty the music is,” said Molly Traugott, UF Biology freshman.

Personally, I would not recommend going to an orchestra concert if you did not get much sleep the night before. Because the music is so calm and relaxing, your eye lids may get slightly heavy.

Overall, the experience convinced me that I should attend a variety of concerts. Your stress and worries seem to drift away as the music plays.

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