EFest features live bands on Reitz Union’s north lawn

As a part of Engineering Week, Efest was hosted by the Audio Engineering Society, Benton Engineering Council, and Swamp Records, according to the Facebook event page. Along with the live music, carnival games were recreated on different tables.

UF students positioned themselves on towels and blankets in front of the stage on Saturday night. The bands entertained the crowd as the festivities and night continued to go on.

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to listen to all the bands in person, but I will comment on what I did see/hear and any music that I can locate online, which can be found on the hyperlink of the band’s name.

Vane: I caught a small portion of their set, and, even though I have never heard the original, their Led Zeppelin cover seemed quite good. Typically, I am a fan of songs that alternate between slower and more electric and intense parts, but I do not like “Sweet Little Liar.” However, “Looking for Something” is more to my taste, and their music is suited for moments filled with action like going on a road trip with your friends.

Austin Miller: Of the performances I saw, his was my personal favorite. The simplicity of the vocals, acoustic guitar, cello and drums caught me off guard, and I enjoyed his music thoroughly. I would recommend it for moments of leisure, such as reading a book or background music while you are hanging out with friends.

Painted Space: While walking by the tables, their music played in the background, and it fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the festival. Through utilization of multiple instruments (on their self-titled album), they create a unique sound that is surprisingly peaceful. Now that I am listening intently, the lyrics and vocalist do not impress me. Again, I would suggest their music for times when you need relaxing music.

Fireside Prophets: Even though their audience only included a handful of people, they played enthusiastically. I enjoyed their cover of  Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” which added a modern twist with electric guitar. It made me want to dance and “believe every little thing would be all right.” Their music is good to simply jam to and has a vibe that I associate with the Caribbean. In “Resinate,” the electric guitar and Caribbean vibe works well together.

PSD: First thing I should mention is that I am not the biggest fan of rap (I have nothing against it.), but I am not all that familiar with it. PSD’s covers are good, and I thought his “Bye Bye Bye” cover of N’ Sync and how he put his on spin on the lyrics was quite creative and not what I initially expected. I respect him for his skills and originality.

I was unable to listen to The Pale Ales live or find any music for them online, but their band name is cool.

Sometimes, small bands contain an astonishing amount of talent. Be open to new music, and listen to some artists you’ve never heard before. You never know what you might find.

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