Lea Michele’s ‘Louder’ is quieter than anticipated

Lea Michele's Louder
This is my copy of “Louder” and my autographed booklet.

Music allows an artist to express themselves, their feelings and their thoughts. Lea Michele from “Glee” released her first album, Louder, on March 3, 2014.

I have listed each song below along with a description of what the song is about and my rating for it.

“Cannonball” is such an inspirational song and one that I will definitely listen to one when I need some hope. The lyrics, “And now I will start living today…I’ve got this new beginning and I will fly, I’ll fly like a cannonball,” show the result of her thoughts after she let go of her fear and doubts. 9/10

“On My Way” is an upbeat, dance song to scream and sing-along to for girls (and boys) who are in love despite the pain. It’s a song for those that have been hurt before, but they continue to love their significant other because the heart overpowers the brain in this situation. 8.5/10

“Burn with You” is a song for those who have someone that they would do anything for, even if that means going to heaven instead of hell (hence the title of the song). The love and relationship may seem messy and hopeless, but the people in it are happy and would do anything for each other. 7.5/10

“Battlefield” is a ballad that truly shows how remarkable Michele’s vocals are. The song is about a couple that “seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield,” which is a brilliant metaphor for a love that started out well but must now end with at least one person getting hurt. 9.5/10

“You’re Mine” appears to morph the ballad and the dance song to make a unique sound.  As one can assume from the title, the song is about a couple that knows they are each other’s, which can be summed up in the lyric “I’m yours and you are mine.”  8.0/10

“Thousand Needles” describes the pain after a breakup and the fact that “now my world is crashing down now that I can’t have you around.” Michele’s vocals are outstanding, but the music and vocals do not really go well together making the song feel awkward. 7.8/10

“Louder” is another inspirational song, and, personally, it makes me want to try to speak up more. Michele uses first person to make the song seem more powerful and to have it appear as if she is speaking directly to you. 9.2/10

“Cue the Rain” reminisces on a past relationship that worked well and “we would have died for us.” The song reminds me of Demi Lovato because of the vocals and a more upbeat chorus in between softer verses and bridges. 8.6/10

“Don’t Let Go” describes a couple that “pull[s] on each other” and gets out of control, but they make each other happy. She waited so long for them to be together, and she doesn’t want him to let go. 8.8/10

“Empty Handed” is a simple song lyrically and musically. If she came with nothing, Michele wonders if you would still show her what love is. 9.1/10

“If You Say So” pulls on my heartstrings because it’s about the last words that Cory Monteith said to her. Overall, the ballad is simply beautiful and incredibly emotional. 9.7/10

I must mention that my ratings are, of course, my opinions, but I also tend to favor ballads and songs with meanings that are close to my heart.

Overall, the album is good, but it is slightly weak for a debut album. However, I will most likely continue to listen to it, and I suggest that you give it a chance before dismissing it altogether because there are some great songs.

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