We the Kings makes High Dive crowd ‘feel alive’

The sign at the High Dive featuring Friday night’s event and upcoming ones.

The Bradenton, Fla. band, We the Kings, rocked the High Dive in Downtown Gainesville on the night of March 28 on their Art of Tour. Their opening acts consisted of Rebel and Anchor, Crash the Party and This Century.

At the start of the concert, the stage was crowded with three drum sets and multiple other instruments, which would be removed as the night progressed.

Rebel and Anchor, a local band, warmed the crowd up at about 7:30 p.m. In comparison to the other bands of the night, they seemed mediocre.

The music and simple lyrics of the songs were not impressive, but the set was still enjoyable with upbeat songs that you could dance to. The lead singer attempted to hit notes that were clearly out of his range, which caused heads to turn in the crowd when his voice made screeching sounds.

Crash the Party played a better set, and their cover of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen caused the crowd, along with myself, to sing along and dance. Also, “Radiate” from their new EP has a good rhythm and definitely a feel-good song.

Although Joel, the lead singer of This Century, was sick, the band left a good impression. Their slow and upbeat songs put me in a good mood, despite him not being able to sing certain portions of the songs.

We the King's Travis Clark, the lead singer, encourages the crowd to clap along.
We the King’s Travis Clark, the lead singer, encourages the crowd to clap along.

Finally, We the Kings played an amazing set and had the crowd jumping and singing along. The energy of the band and their music transferred to the crowd. Having seen WTK before on Van’s Warped Tour, I had high expectations, and they reached the bar that I set.

When they played hits like “Check Yes Juliet” and “Say You Like Me,” I couldn’t help but sing with the crowd and jump during the chorus. Even though I did not know all their songs, the set reminded me of why I love concerts so much. The crowd, music and aura of a concert are unlike any other feeling, and it made me briefly forget about reality and focus on the music.

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