Behind the scenes: UF RUB Entertainment bringing bands

The University of Florida Reitz Union Board Entertainment Bands Committee is responsible for bringing musical acts to the student union. The directors, Abigail Gruspe and Alyssa Broderick, deal with the contracts along with help from advisers. The committee members are responsible for many tasks on the day of events, such as working the event itself, helping bands load in and providing good hospitality, Broderick said.

Because the committee members have a diverse music taste, the directors use them to determine if certain acts would appeal to a wide audience. “We kind of have to think of what’s going to appeal to a lot of people for the price that they’re looking for,” Broderick said.

When deciding what artists to bring, the committee members play a large part in the decision by giving their opinions on who they think would be a good fit. “Then we contact agents. From there, [we] see what the availability and pricing is and then kind of figure it out based on that information,” Gruspe said.

Typically, they contact agents or acts to come rather than vice versa. With local and smaller acts, the directors usually work directly with the band or artist. The overall process is quicker, which lasts about two weeks or less. However, with national acts, their adviser negotiates with an agent, and the act often has a contract containing technical information, according to Broderick. To secure the act, the process could take about a month or so.

The next big event is the Big Orange Festival on Friday, April 11 at 7 p.m. Multiple events will be going on throughout the Reitz Union and even on the North Lawn. Best Coast, a rock duo from Los Angeles, will be performing, and there will be free food.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the RUB Entertainment Bands Committee, applications are out at the beginning of every semester on the website and Facebook page.

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