To choose the facts that I wanted to focus on for this infographic, I picked ones that I found particularly interesting and felt contributed to the overall story of the difference of students graduating in the 1990s and 2010s. As I was reading the study, I made note of facts that stood out to me. Then I narrowed down my list to the ones that are in the infographic. I chose to try to tell an overview rather than a detailed story of one part of the study. The facts I chose to omit were ones that I felt were specific or ones that a reader would need to know more to understand why it’s important. Because I didn’t want the infographic to be incredibly long, I had to leave out the smaller details. Doing so, I ended up with facts that are more basic and for a reader that perhaps doesn’t know much about the general topic. The purpose of the graphic was to inform those with little or no knowledge on the subject. I tried to design something that I would find useful if I was trying to learn about student loans.

While designing the graphic, I tried to keep the four principles of design in mind. When choosing a color scheme, I knew that green had to play a part because the theme deals with money. I chose an analogous theme because it would allow me to use contrast with blue and yellow. The yellow background and blue text gives the infographic color and doesn’t make it difficult to read. I chose to include purple in the color scheme to represent female students in the bar graph and to increase the variety of hues for the pie charts. I placed emphasis on the numbers by using a bolder and different typeface to make it easier to see and compare them to one another. When arranging the facts, I put the ones relating to a similar topic together. Also, the illustrations and photos used correspond with the fact horizontally next to it. The stick figures are meant to visually show the difference between the two statistics. The completely black figures represent graduates 20 years ago, and the dark gray represent college students who graduated in 2011-12. I chose a typeface (Adobe Gurmukhi) that’s easy to read and looks well with one I chose for the numbers (Goudy Stout). I chose to design the infographic vertically to allow facts and graphics to be more organized. The information relating to the graphs are in black so it does not get confused with the other facts. I used repetition through the use of color and the same typeface except when emphasizing numbers.

Image Sources: graduation cap and house

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