Typography and Color


I kept the design very simple because I did not want any overwhelming effects or graphics to take away from the quote. I wanted the focus to be on the quote and not have anything that could possibly be distracting for viewers. The birds emphasize the word “freedom,” along with the script typeface, which I find to be the most important part of the quote. It is the reminder that in the end things will be better. The white rectangle frames the quote nicely and matches with the stroke around the text. The stroke around the text is for emphasis as well as to contribute to the sky ambiance with the birds. The punctuation after the adjectives (easier, okay, freedom) aren’t the same color because I felt they might get overlooked if changed as well. Also, it’s the words before them that are more important. “Hang on” is capitalized to draw attention and to convey the significance of doing so and not giving up despite the circumstances.

The color scheme I chose is an analogous one with cool colors. The quote is about life and situations getting better over time, and I felt that a warm color scheme would not convey the meaning as well. The message is meant to make you feel better about your situation, and cool colors are more relaxing to look at than bright colors. I chose to use blue because it makes it seem as if the birds are in the sky and purple is a more common hue to be seen in the sky than green. For the fonts, I knew that “freedom” had to stand out from the rest of the text, but also be similar to the other adjectives, which is why they are all the same shade. I tried to choose typefaces that were easy to read and reminded me of class and elegance. I chose Liffey Script SF because I liked the classic look and the contrast it has with Accord SF. While I didn’t intentionally choose black and white, they are part of my color scheme and further enhance the look of class I was trying to pursue.

Credit for bird brush: here

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