Video Story

Thanks to Florida weather, my experience making this video was hot, sweaty and made me wish for clouds to provide some relief. This probably impacted the footage I got and how well I handled my camera. Other than that, the experience was overall quite positive. Due to the nature of the environment, my a-roll audio isn’t that great so I wish I would have moved the camera closer and notified the people around that I was filming. This is one of my first videos with some natural sound in it, which makes me slightly more proud of it. Much of the process for me was trying to figure out what to include and not, depending on how well I think things flowed while making sure it didn’t go over one minute by too much. I’ve had some experience with iMovie in the past and the fact that it’s not a difficult program made the editing process go smoother than it would have a year ago. In all, the filming and editing of this video felt like it went pretty well to make what I believe to be a good video.

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