Learning about concerts in your area

Sometimes opportunities are missed because you just didn’t know about them. With the Internet and social media, there are many different ways to find out about upcoming concerts.

The Stephen C. O’Connell Center Twitter informs you about upcoming events coming to the center and pictures of the event.

Most of the time, I find out about concerts on Twitter by following the bands/artists who I like and venues that I visit often.

Bands and artists promote concerts and upcoming tours on their Twitters. With venues, they usually tweet about the artist coming, the date of the show and a link to where you can buy tickets.

When you have an account with websites that sell tickets like Ticketmaster, you can choose to have alerts emailed or texted to you. Ticketmaster allows you to select different types of alerts, including ones for events happening in the area or performers that you have selected as favorites.

Bandsintown is similar to Ticketmaster in that they send email alerts. Because it’s an app on Facebook, you don’t need to sign up for another account to find out about concerts. You start ‘tracking’ artists and set your location to be notified if any of them visit your area.

Besides hearing about concerts from friends, these are the ways that I normally find out about upcoming tours and concerts. Although it’s a bit outdated, here is a Mashable post including four (because ConcertAttack is no longer available) additional ways to find out about concerts.

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